Chinese Mythology: 4 of the greatest stories

Many people can associate China with mythical creatures such as unicorns and dragons, gods and goddesses, and historical characters. People can find various Chinese mythologies, which will help to grow interests in their culture.

Four ancient Chinese Mythology Stories

1.    The Monkey Myth

In a famous novel, Journey to the West, one can get to know about the Monkey King, Sun Wukong and he is the most famous monkey in China. The Monkey King took birth from a stone egg that came from a magic rock in Mountain of Fruits and Flowers. In this mythology, we get to know how long it took Buddha to take the Monkey King who wanted to take over the world. Many know the Monkey King as a greedy but curious and joyful in nature. In the later years, the Monkey King became the companion of Xuanzang, who traveled from China to India and back.

2.     The Grand Archer Yi

Most of the time, we see that gods help humans, but Grand Archer Yi, a mortal, helped the gods. According to the mythology, Grand Archer Yi saved the moon during an eclipse and also rescued the country from various outbreaks. Also many believe Hou Yi shot down 9 of the ten suns that were burning the earth during prehistoric times.

3.     The Pilgrimage Mythology

In the Pilgrimage Mythology one can get to know about Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy. One can see in various myths the goddess wearing a white dress, holding an infant, and sitting on a lotus flower. According to the myth, she was murdered by her father and went to hell, reciting the holy books. This made the king of hell very angry and sent her back to the earth. Here she gained spiritual insight from Buddha and later on blessed with immortality. With the help of this mythology, one can understand the introduction of Buddhism and how it spread across China.

4.     Pangu creates the world.

When it comes to creation of mythology, most of the Chinese people associate with the story of Pangu. When it comes to the Chinese Taoist legend of creation, Pangu is the central character. According to this mythology, Pangu chiseled out the valleys and mountains. He accomplished all these by using the basic concept of yin and yang.

People can also find various other Chinese mythologies. Some of the most famous Chinese mythology stories are mentioned above.